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Start a Driveway Cleaning Business in Kent and earn up to £60,000 per year?

With so many driveways in Kent it comes as no surprise that pressure washing is fast becoming a booming business.

Most driveways and patios will need cleaning at some point and the majority of homeowners in Kent do not have cleaning equipment of sufficient power to clean their driveways and patios effectively. As porous driveways and patios become weathered they will attract the growth of moss, algae and lichen. This is over and above the challenge of keeping weeds at bay, especially on block paving.

Now is the perfect time to get up and running and start your own pressure washing business in this fast growing sector.

Many contractors working with us earn up to, and in some cases, over £300 per day, pressure washing driveways and patios. This does not take into account the substantial amount of pressure cleaning work available in the commercial sector.

We strongly advise you to not pay way over the top for an expensive driveway cleaning franchise. Most of the figures advertised with these options do not work in your favour. Our options are a lot cheaper and what we provide is great value for money compared with some of the overpriced franchises being advertised.

Before you look anywhere else, talk to us first on 0800 988 0348 about starting your own driveway cleaning business. You can also complete an online enquiry form.

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